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Luxury Highland Hotel. Knockomie Hotel

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The art of distilling has fascinated men across centuries. Even today the old images of the technique of its manufacture have been understood since earliest times, although the subtle aromas and flavours have never been fully explained. The Gaelic name for whisky is Uisge Beatha which translates as 'water of life'.

Single Malt Whisky is made from only one type of malted grain and is distilled at one single distillery. By law, Scotch whisky must be matured in oak casks for 3 years and 1 day, however single malts are often matured for much longer. Often, after the mandatory 3 years, the whisky is transferred into different casks that may have been used for port, sherry or other alcoholic drinks and this determines the finish of the whisky and its characteristics and colour.

Scotch whiskys are divided in to different regions as to where the distillery is situated including Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay and Orkney. Each area has its own distinctive characterisitics.

Knockomie Hotel is situated in the Speyside region which is the world's greatest whisky-making region, in the number of its distilleries and the diverse palates of their products. The Speyside region lies between Loch Ness, the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea. The mountains' water this region with rivers like the Findhorn, Lossie and Spey and this water often rises in granite and flows over peat to impart a certain smokiness. Some of the region's classics also speak eloquently of maturation in sherry wood, giving an elegant complexity.

Take a look and see a brief video of how our local distillery Benromach, makes their whisky.

The Malt Whisky Library. Knockomie HotelScottish Whisky Tour Speyside | Whisky Trail Scotland Scottish Whisky Tour Speyside | Whisky Trail Scotland Scottish Whisky Tour Speyside | Whisky Trail Scotland

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